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Got the engine back together tonight... starting it tomorrow.

I got a 65 GT fastback out of storage where it had been sitting for 18 years and took care of the obvious things... seals/brakes/carb/etc. Got the car home and while I was tuning the carburator, I hear a big whoosh and the car dies. It would turn over but not fire. Check the dizzy and it is not going around, so I figure the timing chain broke. It turns out that the PO had put too small of a washer over the cam dowel and it had finally worked its way out of the cam.

So after burrowing in under the timing cover and fixing that (with a big washer), I get the engine together again, but when running, it sounds like a lifter or two have gone bad. After getting a second opinion suspecting a burnt valve, I pulled the intake and heads. and iscovered flat top pistons and the 289 is bored .030 over.
It turns out that when the crank was turning and the cam wasn't 2 valves impacted on the pistons, bending the pushrods and valves. Since the heads were off it seemed like a good time to get valve seats as well.

Then during reassembly, I was putting the intake back on and one of the 12 intake bolts snapped during the final torque step. I was beginning to wonder about the bolts when I could turn them, but the torque never went above 18 ft/lbs. Cheap bolts put on by the PO. Oh well, remove intake, drill out/remove old bolt, and put everything back together with better bolts.

Tomorrow I'll get the chance to start it back up and get over to a lift for replacing the U-joints.

All the fun of old Mustangs. :)
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