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The wheel wells on a 69/70 will gobble up a 17x8 pretty easily. The trickiest part of the deal is getting the rims spaced properly out so that A) they clear the upper control arms (front), and B) they don't sit in too far and look really lame.

I used '00-'01 Mustang GT wheels... can't remember what the backspacing was, but I needed to put 1" wheel spacers on from to make my setup work.

I ran 245/45's in front, and 275/40 in the rear. If I did it all over again, I may opt for 255/45's or something all the way around so that I could rotate the tires, but oh well.

Be sure to get the type of spacer like I pointed out in the link that bolts to the lugs, then has it's own lugs that you bolt the wheels to. I wouldn't trust big long studs with regular spacer plates.. too much stress on the studs IMO.

good luck...
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