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Getting ready for VMF CF2. and a Slight NPD Rant

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I took today off to get some loose ends tied up on the FBD. Like wash and do the 3 step Maguires wax job. We are leaving Thursday morning 9:30 am Michigan time. Then Meeting up with Cantedvalve and allen ( I don't remember his handle) west of CHicago.
If you are interested here is a link to some pictures of last years Corn Feed.

I am Hoping NPD comes through for me today. They really screwed me up. I order new intertior door pulls for the new door panels last Thursday. They came Monday. No problem right? "WRONG" Who ever packages thier stuff put a left hand door pull in a right hand bag!!!!!!!!! I have 2 left hand door pulls AAAARRRGGGG!!!! I called them right away, Got Slick willy the sales man. He said he would try to get it out Monday night. I told him I was heading to Iowa with the Stang on Thursday morning. He didn't seem too concerned about that.
I asked about a UPS pick up tag. He said it is not worth a $15 dollar pick up tag to pick up a $5 part. I would have to ship it back and let them know what the shipping charge was so they could credit me!!!!!!!!!! I said excuse me That door pull is a $50 part!!!!!!!!! I had a tough time keeping my composure with this gentleman.
For the Most part I "REALLY" Really like NPD they have great parts and usually good customer service. But this guy rubbed me the wrong way. and kinda made me feel like it was my fault I got the wrong part. This was from thier Livona Store by Detroit Mi. I will continue to use them Because I like them so much I just had to get this off my chest.
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Tony, you don't want me to get started on the NPD folks in Michigan.

Out of the 3 orders I did with them, only 1... ONE order came out correctly and I got my parts "on time"... That was interior stuff if I recall.. The rest of the time they either told me misinformation or they just simply didn't send out an order. I had a specific deadline to get my sheet metal parts, so I could take them with my car... parts don't arrive so I call and ask about the order... "For some reason, it wasn't sent out"...

I'm was on a first name basis with one of the Managers there... I haven't bought any parts since.
Tony- Good luck on the delivery! I have had recent problems w/NPD Mi. also but I guess they don't know NOS from aftermarket so I guess I get a pick up ticket from UPS for a $250 part.
Looking forward to seeing everybody again!!!

I'm finishing up some loose ends also, in preparation for a Friday AM departure. Weather looks to be hot (90*) and DRY for this weekend.

Drove the clone to work today to check things over. The pesky rearend drip is GONE. I installed new urethane front spring perches last night & reworked my alignment for more caster (2.5* now), so it tracks down the road REALLY nice. Had to readjust the bumpsteer - lots of fun /forums/images/icons/wink.gif! Feels pretty good, but I'll probably bring some alignment tools in case it needs tweaking....Still have to deal with that pesky tach wiring - tach has been "jumpy" ever since I ran a new 12V for the Pertronix - must be too close to the tach wire somewhere.../forums/images/icons/crazy.gif

Just finishing up some of the little details now - all the "big stuff" is ready to go. Cloney's 5.0 is running REALLY good too!!! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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I feel liek I am rolling the dice driving my car there. I dont have any issues with it that I can think of, but I dont feel entirely comfortable with it yet. I just swapped center sections in effort to keep my goofy butt from looking like a dork in the burnout competition, and now i am second guessing if I got everything right... I hate that.

Engine is strong, but ticking. Tranny is solid, and suspension feels solid. I wish I had my new shocks. It doesnt overheat anymore. I guess I am just jumpy.

I am gonna have plummer55 and TFOB with me, so I guess I have support if the cow excrement really hits the rotational cooling device.
I'm always nervous getting ready for a road trip. Take a few basic tools, fluids, and a cell phone - you can either fix it or get towed!!! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif I've never run into any major problems (knock on wood)!!!

After that 1000 miles + on Hot Rod Power Tour last month, the 400 miles to Des Moines and back for me is just a sprint!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
I know what you mean Clone, This will be the first long trip with the 429. I have 800 miles on it wso far. I think it will be ok.
I have my repair kit ready. I will NOT be stranded! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Yeah, NPD is a necessary evil. I actually went in and orderd my stuff last month, and when I got home I discovered I had a couple small errors. Shoulda checked it better, but they do have good stuff, if not great prices....
Oh never mind the excuses..get your butt in that car and head to Des Moines..*LOL*..see you guys there..we are arriving sometime Friday afternoon, catch up with you at the Hampton. I can't wait to get into the burn out contest in my 6 cyl. rented Mustang..*LOL*
What?! What about the 351C I sent you? Surely you can do a quick conversion to the rental!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif /forums/images/icons/smile.gif /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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