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Getting Ready!!!!! Mustang & Baby!!!!! O/T

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Well it's about two to three weeks (or possibly earlier) until our new baby makes hsi/her appearence! Their room is ready, SWMBO IS READY! We still need to get a few more things, but life is good!!!! As far as my other baby.... I got her new oil pan, gaskets, thermostat and ordered the Delta 50 Flowmasters, they shoud be here next week! Now the problem, how to find the time to fix the pony if baby comes first!!!! You know, to raise them right, they must be properly introduced to the Mustang Legacy!!!! We'll keep you posted!
70 76B Convert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!!!
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Im with you on this. I got about 5 weeks left. But I can't worry about the car yet. Not till I get the new Garage, uh, house done. So I got about 2 months to spend with the baby, then he, or she gets to spend some garage time with daddy. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif I cant wait. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif I hope you are as happy as I am.
YES we are excited!!!! This has been a long road we have been on a truly a Blessing from God... this little one!!!!! Yes the Mustang will wait... This is truly more important!!!!! The only thing is when will it really happen... I guess only God and the baby knows!!!!
70 76B Convert 351 C4v w/a shaker!!!!!!
Hey Jeff,
I was woundering how things were going. How exciting!
This time will go very quickly. God has blessed you and Traci.
The Yellow beast will be bellowing soon!!!!
I know how that feels. Mine's (first) two weeks (more or LESS?) away. I did get the baby's room and all done, and most of the Mustang work is done for the time being. The last month saw a new dash pad, chin spoiler, voltage regulator (finally solved that 16V problem), starter solenoid, etc. I'm still trying to get to the new shifter linkage. My wife and I are trying to sneak in a show or two before daughter arrives. Tonight's Lansdale with the Boss. Anybody have any thoughts on whether giving birth at a car show would help bias her to motor-head-dom?
How did you get SWMBO ready? Mine's starting to get real antsy. I've tried classes, calming talks, a fesh coat of wax, oil change, its not working!
Good luck with yours, and here's hoping for a smooth delivery and a healthy Jr. Mustanger.

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Here is how I did it when my daughter (now 11) was about 3!

After all, taking good care of them has to be the first lesson. Devon used to get all excited at the idea of washing "Daddy car"! (Now she gets excited at the prospect of mowing the lawn because it lets her drive the lawn tractor)
[color:red]Now she gets excited at the prospect of mowing the lawn because it lets her drive the lawn tractor) </font color=red>

well, thats OK. Tractors are cool also. Is it a Ford?/forums/images/icons/smile.gif
It seems like only yesterday that I was in the same position WRT the baby as you are. It has been more than 5 years though.

Good luck. I am sure things will turn out well for both the baby and the car.
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