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Getting ready to buy some

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Looking at getting this brake conversion kit

Wilwood 140-13476-D Mustang Disc Drilled Slotted 65-66/67-69

And this suspension kit:

1965-73 Suspension Kit 4 - Missouri Mustang

All input appreciated. I'm not going for a race car here or anything, just want to replace old nasty suspension with new parts, and put disc brakes on the front. Yes i will do the drop on the front.

Thanks guys.
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You might be suprised that some of those 50 year old parts are still as good as new.
i have a few issues with the suspension "kits;" If youve got it torn apart and dont want to do stuff twice its nice to have all at once but it could be rebuilt from the top down in stages; springs and UCA in a step then LCA sway bar etc in others if you need to piece meal it for cost and drive in between steps (i purposely do this to appreciate each upgrade)
Speaking of upgrades those "kits" usually rule that out, the springs and sway bar are almost no additional cost to get "better than new/original." The same way that some replacements like UCA/LCA can have wild prices(&catchy names) compared to more generic brands yet be identicle in performance. (Think Moog or McQuay-Norris on the shelf at you local parts store) They are not rare and unique parts, simply service replacements.
As for brakes, they are a bling item these days as much as anything, like Gucci you pay for the name as much as the utility. If you want them to peek out from behind your wheels its one thing you might appreciate but it doesnt take a whole heck of a lot to stop our cars. The 11.3" disc is the same size as '67+ I think.

Thank you. I have actually been thinking that i might do exactly this, use what is useable, and replace what needs to be replaced. The car is totally gutted right now, so this is the time to do it. before i spend thousands of dollars, i guess I need to look at wht I have, and see if there is anything usable. I know the springs and shocks need replaced. Guess i need to look at the rest.
Lets say I keep the original suspension, and just sand blast and paint.

What type of paint should I use to paint them?
Is there a recommended bushing kit people buy?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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