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Thanks for all the posts suggesting how to get my front drums far enough
onto the spindle to allow the cotter pin to be inserted.

After double and triple checking clearances with the bare bearings, and
finding no problems there, I decided to break with tradition and RTFM.
The shop manual says to torque the spindle nut to 25 ft-lbs and then
back it off a half turn to insert the cotter pin. I was unsure about doing
this because my mentor (father-in-law) had said he never had to do that
(but then again, he's a bowtie guy - he can't help it...)

Well, I did what the manual said to do and - wonder of wonders - it worked!
The bearings socked right down and when I backed the nut off by 1/2 turn,
the wheel spun freely. Woo-hoo! Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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Who said guys never read the instructions!
Good job

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