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Getting started....need help

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Ok, we are picking the Mach 1 up tomorrow afternoon.......we know that the rear brakes need replaced, fuel tank and fuel lines need cleaned/repaired/replaced, power steering pump bracket needs replaced, and possibly some minor frame rail repair before the car is safe to drive everyday. Once these repairs are completed, what do you guys recommend as the sequence of restoration steps that we should take? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

1969 Mach 1-in restoration
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The following sequence has worked very well for the restorer who has done my cars and seems to be fairly efficient.

1. Strip the car (I assume from previous posts that you will be repainting it)

2. Pull the engine and transmission. If the engine needs rebuilding, do that first and then set it aside.

3. Do the exterior bodywork and paint.

4. Do the interior restoration.

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Whatever you do take pictures. Lots of them. Its always a challenge to figure things out later. May try a video. Has saved me tons of time.

All in all have fun with your new addition. Post some pictures would like to see more

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Yeah, I have heard other people say to take many pics and a video also. Sounds like a good idea. I will post some more pics when we get it home. Thanks guys.

1969 Mach 1-in restoration
302 2 Barrel 4 Speed
First got to ask a couple of questions

1. What do you mean by restoration?

If you really mean restored then its
Evaluate skills, room, finances and tools you have or need.
Then disassemble and rebuild or replace everything
(Simplified version)

2. What are you planning on doing (usage) when finished with the car?

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in addition to Jeff Speegle's suggestions ther was an excellent article "Build your First Mustang" in Mustangs and Fords Dec 2000 issue - if you can not find send me a Private Message and i will scanit and send it to you. Welcome to forum
Ok, thanks....I have been on the forum for a long time, just never had a stang. :)

1969 Mach 1-in restoration
302 2 Barrel 4 Speed
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