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Had a great show I went to this weekend. This was a church sponsered event. For those in the Ohio, PA region, try to make it next year. There were over 1500 cars there of all makes, 1007 registered for judging. Yup, they had judges and classes. 10 awards just for Mustangs before 93.

This event was/is FREE...and it includes food. BBQ beast, hotdogs, pop, fruit, candy bar, roasted corn on the cob....all free. Rides for the kids, etc. Held at the Warren county fairgrounds by the Glenn Christian church, known around here as the "Party with the Preacher" event. The "Preacher", Frank Glenn, is an auto enthusiast, I won't knock that he's into GTO's, as he wants everyone happy and it shows. This event took up the whole fair grounds and then some and was for 3 days. Different judging events each day. Demo derby on Sunday. Just tons of fun, all they ask is that you show your support by buying one of their T-shirts (this is my fourth one, my SWMBO and myself have quite a collection)

Next year is the 10th aniversy show, ought to be a real big un too.

Fun drive back, got a hole in one of my power steering hoses, no damage, just a spray. Coated my sons 96 Saleen clone that my wife drove. She backed off. Works great on keeping tailgaters off your bucket ::, I may not be in such a hurry to fix this one ;)
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