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glad I bought engine brushes!!

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My machinist must have had a bad day when he tanked my block.......

When I got it back, there was still paint on it.....cant imagine a caustic bath not taking paint off!!!

I bought the 9pc engine brush kit and decided to go over the galleries today...GLAD I DID!!!

When I pulled the bruches out of the crank bearing passages, a tiny cloud of dessicated oil residue came up!!! I immediately decided..

Time to pull the pipe plugs and get this puppy CLEAN!!!

Looks much better now.....planning on hitting every passage with compressed air for so long I end up deaf!

And yes, the rear pipe plugs will get teflon tape when they go back in.

If I'm spending 3000 of my "kinda hard worked for" money, stressing out SWMBO, dealing with stressed out SWMBO, and working this hard, it'd better run like a swiss watch!!