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Need to ship a 69 drivers door glass. Has anybody shipped them and how and with who? Prices?


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Boxed carefully and through the US mail, they just fit into their size catagory,I have shipped and recieved door glass this way, none broken yet.I took a tip from someone who shipped me a door glass and used some of that expandable spray foam insulation over a carefully wrapped piece of glass for some added protection.| wouldn't trust UPS with one, the post office will mark it fragile and handle it as such, plus you can get the insurance.UPS drivers I think would have a field day with a box marked fragile-the way they throw stuff, also I have heard horror stories about trying to get them to do insurance adjustments-they usually blame the shipper and his packaging, not themselves.I have shipped door glass for usually around $15-25 through the mail-not priority, but just their bulk rate, priority usually added about $10 to $15 more.Insurance is like $1 to $2 extra

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You are so right about UPS and their inability to handle anything with care. When my t-5 was delivered, the dipstick just let it fall off the back of the truck onto the driveway. Then got a bit testy when I stated that it was only being accepted pursuant to a complete inspection and that I would only sign for it if he wrote on the paperwork that he had dropped it.

Dang! Just when I got used to being "strange", I became a "newbie". So what the sam hell is that?
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