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Global West Arms and binding shocks?

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I am having a front-end shop put in my globalwest upper control arms on my 66. They mentioned something yesterday about it looks like the shocks might bind or something because of the angle.

Anyone have any problems with their shocks after putting on the kit, or know why I might have problems?

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I run GW upper and lowers for more than 10 years and don't have any bind issues. Did they flip the spring perches around. If I remember correctly, the lower spring perch needs to be installed backwars from stock per GW. Good luck, Bob.
I think they said they did.
Did your lower your car at all?
They said my rider hight didn't change.
I only did the one inch drop as the car had the Shebly drop done before I switched arms. I was going the drop it further the next time I had the motor out, but I usually am in a rush to put it back in when out. The ride height difference was minimal. Did you put in new springs. If so, give them a little time to settle before you decide to cut them.

I pulled out the GW mounting spec's. The instructions state that some spring perches may require grinding a 1/8" area off the underside of the spring perch on the spring tang side. The spring tang should also be on the outside of the car (easy to visually check and opposite from stock).

Good luck,

Ditto on everything Dinosawnj said.

Plus did you replace the spring perches ? or put in new bushings ? If they are the old ones they may not be pivoting back to the correct angle after flipping the perch 180 per GW's instructions.

Also the shop did drill the new set of lower holes, right ?
Had to ask, I have come across front end people that really don't grasp the reason why so they don't think it is needed.

Good or Bad post again to keep us informed. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
make sure that the shop has installed the approximately 1/2 to 3/4 plate between the upper A-arm and the shock tower mounting surface. I forgot to do this on one side of my 65 and noticed it when trying to put the shocks in.......

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