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Global West Control Arms - Review

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We'll I got my 66 mustang back from the suspension place last friday. They installed the new global west upper control arms for me, and aligned it to their street specs.

My car already had the 600lb lowering springs, heavy duty rear springs w/ 1'' drop, big front sway bar, rear sway bar, and kyb shocks.

Before it handled like crap. Now it is like an entirely new car! Its completely unbelievable! I haven't pushed it too hard in the corners yet because I don't have the struttower bars or export brace yet, but it takes comers extremely well now. It also seems to turn easier too. Not sure why. Maybe the toe-in?

After I drove it for awhile, I put on my new 16'' Vintage 45's with 205/55/16 Falkin Azenis tires. The tires are closer to a 215. Maybe 212 or so in width. Theres no rubbing on the front. Theres no gap between the tire and fender, but for some reason, its not rubbing. The rear is rubbing on the driver side with these wider tires, but not bad. I think a baseball bat should fix that.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I'll post pics next week maybe.

In summery: Global West Upper Control Arm Rocks!
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Forgot to mention, it did lower it more. I didn't measure before and after, but it looks like maybe an inch lower than it was before.
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