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Doug is the owner. Global West IS Doug. Once he's gone, there will be no more GW. You got a taste of that reality with what's on their website and what their
salesperson is saying on the phone. Sad but true. There is no heir-apparent at Global West.

ex-Global West GM
Well, all I can say is I hope Doug stays around. Or they need to get their website in better order for the rest of us to sort things out before he sells or moves on.
You should be able to call a company that makes a set of leaf springs and bushings, and ask what bushings fit THEIR leaf springs. And shouldn't have to second guess it. In hind site, I'm glad I didn't trust the misinformation and glad I questioned the inconsistency on their site.

My new leafs should be here on Monday, I got the rest of the goodies in hand waiting. Picked up the Bilsteins for the rear as well. Just waiting on the rain to stop, so I can pull some data logs then pull her into the garage for teardown.
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