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Going to Dallas/Fort Worth area. What to do?

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I wish I could go to the Corn Feed this weekend, but I'll be driving down close to Dallas to vacation with my entire family.

I'm actually going to be staying at Lake Murray in Oklahoma, but SWMBO and I are planning to go to the Dallas area to get away for the day and do some sightseeing and dinner. I know there are a lot of VMF'ers in the area. Any suggestions on what to do? Maybe visit Dallas Mustang?

BTW. Thanks to redneckmn, toddwallace and PrarieBronze65 for ideas on what to do near Ardmore. With your ideas, I've done a little research and I'm prepared!
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You might visit the Bass Pro shop at Grapevine. Then across the street is the Grapevine Outlet Mall. It is pretty big and has several nice shops. Dallas Mustang is a pretty good spot, also. I will be in Denton Monday and leaving on Thursday with my work but these are on my list to do. I live in Indiana but my wife's parents are in Arlington Texas so that visit is a must while I am there. I am open for other ideas as others share their ideas here.
We have a swap meet this weekend at the BallPark in Arlington and we are planning a VMF Lunch or Dinner for Saturday. The Swap Meet runs Saturday and Sunday, here is their web address. We would love to see you and SWMBO there.

If you do want to visit Dallas Mustang they are open from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday, and 8:00am to 5:00pm Mon.-Fri.
If you're interested OMC is taking a cruise between El Reno, OK and Elk City, OK on Saturday. The cruise starts with breakfast at J&K Restaurant at 800am. This restaurant is located near the junction of Hwy66 and Hwy81 in El Reno. Look for the Chevy dealership and you'll find the restaurant. You're welcome to join us for the four hour cruise. El Reno is 20 miles west of OKC.
If you like hunting fishing and camping, BassPro shop is a must. SWMBO will like GrapeVine Mills outlet as 65pony said. I think you will have no problem out spending here between the BassPro Shop and the swap meet. There is also an old train that starts in Grapevine and goes through Ft. Worth. The kids love it....

The Arlington swap meet should be a good one as it usually draws a big crowd.

Not sure how far you are wanting to travel, but Ft. Worth has Billy Bobs which is the largest Bar I have ever seen. They have a bull riding rink and concerts. Caught Willy Nelson there once. The Historic Stock Yards in Ft. Worth are also good for a couple of hours of fun.
Lots to do in the DFW area.
As Todd said the Tarantula train goes between Grapevine and the Ft. Worth stockyards. The engine is the one use in the Peticoat Junction TV show. The Ft. Worth stockyard is a historic site just north of Ft. Worth. Its old cowtown atmoshpere. Including livestock and all.
In downtown Dallas is the 6th Street Museum. Its the old schoolbook depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. They have an entire museum about the assasination. we tried to get Clinton down here but he wouldn't come, Damit !!
For the wife there is lots of shopping to do, if she's into that. As was mentioned, Grapevine Mills, and better yet The Gallaria, but hide your wallet. Shopping is a pastime in the DFW area, When its 105 in the summer its better to be in a air conditioned mall. We have lots of nice malls in the area
Eating!!! If I spent all day at Dallas Mustang and the swap meet, with my wife, I would really owe her. I would bring my wife to Kirby's steak house (817-410-2221) in Grapevine. A bit expensive, The two of you with a couple of glasses of wine will run about $75. But the food is excellent. A french place that some freinds took us to that was very nice but twice as much was Saint Emilion (817-737-2781). Its in Ft. Worth. If you truly love french it was great, but very expensive. I guess it depends on how much you drag her around the swap meet.
There are lots of great restaurants here in the area. In Grapevine we have a "restaurant row" , at Hwy114 and Hwy121. We have about 2 dozen restaurants at that location.
Also Grapevine is an historic town with lots of little shops along its main street.
When you come down have fun and try to make it by the swapmeet, Bluefinger will be peddling his wears and other VMFr's will be around.
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Thanks to all that replied and do reply.

I will be arriving at Lake Murray, OK at approx. 5:00pm Sat. the 22nd. The swap meet sounds awesome, but I doubt SWMBO will go for it. She wants to see stuff and eat somewhere nice and maybe a few drinks. I won't be drinking (much), I know the slogan "DONT MESS WITH TEXAS!" Right!

Dennis "65pony" PM where you will be in Denton. Maybe, if I get down that way, I'll stop by and say hi. I might be able to talk SWMBO to stop by Dallas Mustang during the week.
Check your private notes. I am leaving the plant shortly for a weekend in Kentucky with the family and then Dallas.
The North Texas SVT club is hosting a show at Chucks in Grapevine on the 22nd. It is located at Hwy. 114 and Ira E. Woods ( Hwy. 26). Chucks is a small hamburger joint so look for the TARGET, they are in the same shopping center.
Get to Billy Bob in DFW for the good steak. And you can visit Dallas Mustang store if you need parts.
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