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I've been searching the archives for things to check out to make sure it's a true GT.

It's a 1965 GT Fastback. At this point I don't know how original or complete this car is, but it is suppose to run good, and the interior was said to be in fair condition. It is a 4spd. car that might need a little body work and a paint job. One thing the owner said it had was a 9" rear. Did 9" rears come with the GT package or was it a separate option maybe?

Anyway, it looks like I can get it for less than $5k, So I guess that would be a fair price for a REAL GT Fastback?

I'll try to get some pics, and more info on Friday and post it, to see what you all think.



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Well Doug,
A 9 inch rear was original only to 'K' cars, HiPo 289s. ( inch rear end have commonly been swapped in from 57-59 Fords as well as Granadas, Monarchs, and Versailles because of their near identical characteristics. Only the housings which come from the 64-66 Falcon-based chassis have necked down tubes at the end; a dead give away whether it is an original (style) housing.

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