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Hi all,

I have got a set of 1995 Mustang GT stock 16" wheels with a practically new (5,000 miles) set of Bridgestone Blizzaks on them. I used this setup during the winter, and promptly took them off as soon as spring came. With the recent purchase of my 4X4 Ranger, I will not be driving the Mustang in the winter anymore. Where should I try to sell these. E-hay, A latemodel site? I have never sold anything off the internet before. By the way, if anyone wants them, I am thinking of $350 plus shipping and they are yours. I nearly paid $300 for the tires so I figured this is a fair price. I live near Dayton, Ohio and would be willing to drive a little distance to get rid of them as they are collecting dust in my garage. I also have digital pictures.

Thanks in advance

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Do you have a local swap-and-sell magazine? Here, it's called the Carolina Bargain Trader. It has a section where you can place ads for free if the item you're selling costs less than $1,500 or so. I've sold many items in it. I also sold a set of Mustang tires and wheels in the VMF classifieds.
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