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Good alignment shop in Fresno, CA?

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For those who live in this area, what would be a good place to go to, I need an alignment done tomorrow morning and would like to get the specs set to my own liking, thanks.
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I've used to places in town when I've had my cars done. 1) is Tire Country USA on N. Blackstone (435-4000), and 2) GoodGuys on N. Blackstone (431-9203).

I know Paul over at GoodGuys (Goodyear), and he has done all of my tires and alignments on my Work vehicles, He's a good person to deal with and will treat you right! He will be doing my tranny flush on my Chevy here real soon.

Tire Country has done work on some of my vehicles as well, and they have impressed me by going the extra mile to make sure the job was done to my satisfaction, also had some ball joints pressed on some control arms and such, plus they didn't seem to mind if I brought my own parts and let them just do the labor.

Anyway if you check out Good Guys, tell Paul, Doug from the Fresno Bee says Hi, and I'll see him soon for a new set of tires. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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well here's the thing Doug, I previously had bent spindles, the alignment was done to compensate for that. Today I put on some Granada spindles for the disk brake conversion, and the alignment is totally shot. The right tire is straight, and the left is turned inward, the left side is the one that was bent before. I'll probably try GoodGuys in the morning, thanks for the input
Hey Vic,

I will give Paul a call in the morning, and tell him you might be stopping by. He has always treated me fairly, and I'm sure he can take care of you as well. If for some reason he can't, you might talk to Mark at Mustang Ranch, he might be able to refer you to someone as well.

Good Luck
I had my alignment done there about three months ago. Thats where Mark takes all his Mustangs. I can't remember the name of the Shop so give Mark a call 268 -7402.
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