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Does anyone know of a good muffler shop in San Luis Obispo for my daughter to take her S10 to? I don't want her to get ripped off and the guy she took it to first for a possible transmission issue, took her for $800 and found a leaking water pump, and a tune up would fix most of the problem and now wants to do another $800 for a new CAT. This is a 49 state car and registered in Utah, do I have to put the CA crap on it?

This is so frustrating, me being on the road and my wife and kids are without my help. My kids have nobody to turn to in the areas of auto repair that can be trusted.

This shop wants to send her to Midas who has bad reviews on the Internet....I would like to find a good shop to send her to that she can go to in the event they have issues in the future. I now have two of my daughters in SLO. Both at college, one at Poly and one at Cuesta.

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