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good news (pretty much)

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Had a real breakthrough yesterday on the headliner. TMI mis-labeled the headliner, mixing up the front and back, and consequently, incorrectly numbering the listing pockets. I measured the distance between the pockets and measured the distance between the holes on the side of the roof. The measuring made clear that the headliner was reversed, so swapping back for front, it went right up. Presently, the headliner is up with binder clips, just to stretch out the fabric. Maybe tomorrow I'll glue it in.

As for my reverse light question, once I turned the key on, the reverse lights went on. This was so thrillling that I tried it a couple more times, just to see the bright lights and experience the delight of a working part. On the third time the lights did not go on. hmmmm. Time to stop doing electrical and get back to the mechanical. Today is fuel pump r&r and if all goes well, starting the engine. Now that will be real progress, if it starts. I have 2 fire extinguishers standing by - don't want to get that doofus award from Midlife again (haha).

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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