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I found a place that sells imported auto body parts. How about 66 rear quarter skins for 45 dollars? Good deal huh? They have parts for newer cars too.

I could see the panels shimmy as I walked past. I think there was a 60 Minutes episode on the cheap import parts. They were not kidding they are shabby parts.

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That's got "insurance scam" written all over it.

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We use Golden Legion sheet metal on our customers cars.I just got done placing a pair of skins on my personal 65 fastback.They fit like a glove.We have been using this brand from one of our suppliers for about 1 year.We are always looking for the best pieces.It might cost us a little more but we buy enough of it where we can still beat everybody else in price. Matt Ponderosa Mustang 1 850 857 1084
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