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In Fitchburg, MA. There weren't a ton of Mustangs there: mine, a 65 coupe, a 69 Coupe, a 70 Fastback, a 70 Mach 1 Q-code, a 71 or 2 Mach 1, a GT 350 (maybe a replica...). But there were lots of other good cars there too. Saw a Model T with a small block Ford jammed in the engine compartment!

Let me tell you, it was a pretty warm, and with my black interior, I was wishing I had A/C. I'm thinking that replacing the A/C might be something I'd want to do!

Things went pretty well, except for when we were driving home on the highway (my father was driving at the times), and we hit a bump on the highway, and the horn button fell off into his lap, leaving the horn blaring! Fortunately, he got it back on, and it stayed on for the rest of the ride home!

Michelle (aka Mustang Shelly)
1968 GT 390 Fastback
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