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Got a AOD!!

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Found one in Oakland for $50 plus gas $$
Will pick it up in King City on Sat.
It's out of a '90 GT approx 100k
Will be rebuilding it and start collecting the conversion parts from Windsor-Fox!

66 coupe, bench seat, 289 2v, C4,
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I got mine for $50 also. OD band was burned up in it but no big deal. 90 model should be a pretty good one. Mine was 92 model from Tbird SC. Now in my 70 cougar with 351W. Thinking about one for the 64.5 project too. Sunday I was in Oakland...What a lousy day to be out junkyarding!

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I was very lucky, I bought one off of a Ford dealer salesman that had it in a 91GT for slalum racing. He took it out to put in a tremec 5 speed. He showed me the rebuild receipt for $1059, but he let it go to me for $400. Only a few passes around the track on it. I just hope I can get it tuned right when I install it so I dont burn it up!
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