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Got my Mach 1 yesterday!!

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My dad and I went and got the Mmach 1 yesterday in Misourri. Long ride, but TOTALLY worth it. VERY little rust, just some where there are a couple small scratches on the door. It's in a lot better shape then the description made it sound. We got home at about 11:00 PM, and I couldn't resist. I asked my Dad for the keys, got in, and started her up. Man, that engine is in great shape. It is burning oil just a little, but that's the only problem with the engine that we know of. Very loud......havn't heard that roar since the car shows last summer. Woke up two neighbors with the engine on accident. Hehe. They peered over the fence, and said they were glad it woke them up, because they wanted to see it. Interiors in great condition, just a couple of usual rips in the front seats, and the fold down is in perfect condition. Interior almost looks like a new car, except for the tears. This is great.....I will post some pics when we get them developed, and then scanned.(no digital camera)

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Great, now you just have to learn how to spell Missouri...


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Congrats!! You will surely enjoy it. Some of the best memories I have are Working on my 65 FB which I got when I was 16. That was ...lets see.... 2 weeks shy of 20 years ago.
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That's great Sean. Glad to hear it was better than expected. Thats usually not the case with internet purchased cars. My 69 is loud as well. IT also has the 302 2v and headers. Love that sound!!

Make sure you get the pictures developed soon.

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Hehe, I always spell Missouri wrong. Yeah, the sound of the engine is great. Can't wait till we get it done. I should have pics by tomorrow or Wednesday.

1969 Mach 1-in restoration
302 2 Barrel 4 Speed
Congratulations Sean. I love 69-70 Machs.
Best thing my son and his Dad ever did was restore a car together.
Good luck!

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Do you have a 351W in your Mach? If so, where is the timing pointer located? Which side of the engine. I am still trying to pin that one down "for sure" on my 70 302. Thanks.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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