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Been there! I drove my 69 vert to Scaamco to have the trans rebuilt. It had a C-6 on a small block which totally confused them. After a week of getting put off I returned and they gave me a bill for a NEW
transmission. They swore that it was replaced and had papers showing that it was a new C-4!!!
I looked and it was still the C-6 I installed. After much screaming and threatening I was told to pay up or go to jail! I told them to call the cops, they weren't getting paid and I was taking the car with me!
Battery was missing so I went next door and bought a new one. Started the car and the shifter would not move!!
Got under it to see what was wrong and it had no rear mount!!! And the reinforcement plate was missing.
Police arrived and were credible witnesses in court later!
I may not rebuild it but I install it myself!
Bruce (TX)
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