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Gotta be a Mopar thing! *LOL*

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Not Ford related thank goodness!

My neighbor next door came over to borrow my jumper cables yesterday morning. And since I work grave yard, I sleep in the morning, so my wife tried to find the cables, and she couldn't so not wanting to bother me, SWMBO goes over to our other neighbors that are heavy into Mopars. The teenage son Jeff, grabs the cables and they head back over to the first neigbor's car. Jeff, acting as if his dad taught him well, proceeds to hook up the cables, and my wife pulls her school bus up beside the car to jump it,(She knows I don't like anyone messing under the hood of my vehicles if I'm not present).

Jeff tells the lady to go ahead and try to start it. Well............. Next thing I know the SWMBO is waking me up asking me if the red cable goes to the + or - side of the battery? So I throw some close on and go over there, and By the time I had got over there, Jeff had already pulled the cables back off, and explained to me what he did. After ROTFLMAO, I proceeded to show him how to jump a battery. He had some way or another hooked the cable up to the altenator and battery, and evertime the lady would turn the key on, the altenator would kick in and sounded like a jet engine getting ready for take off /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I guess his dad had showed him how to ground the battery cable on something else beside using the - terminal on the battery. The only thing I can think of, is that my SWMBO had possibly hooked up the black cable to the positive terminal of the battery in her school bus, and when the lady turned the key on, it gave it a straight shot of juice. *LOL*

His dad seems pretty knowledable around cars, so I'm wondering maybe if it's just a Mopar thing? /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Everytime I see him now, I start making sounds like Bzzzzzzzz!!! Boom! I don't think he has told his dad yet either which is kind of funny, because his dad is the type that would say, "didn't I teach you better than that, your suppose to put the left over cable on the starter motor!" and then walk of with this little smirk on his face. Thank goodness he's a good kid and can take some ribbing every once in a while. Hmmm.... Maybe that's why he asked to mow my yard today! Pay Back!!!


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Sounds like he is just young and inexperienced. I knew a young guy that some how caused a battery to explode (don't know the exact point on where things went wrong) causing mucho mucho damage to mom's car.
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