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Gotta skip CF2??????

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Well, I was planning on attending, have reservations at Embassy Suites, car will be Juuuuuuuuust ready, and I get a call tonight that makes me change all the plans. Friend with bad health, may not make it, GOTTA stick close, go's under knife Thursday. Was really looking forward to burnout contest too! I think I coulda took it! Everybody have a great time and don't eat to much! Keep the site updated on the goings-on out there, Allright?? LOL
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Hope your friend makes it. Best of luck to him.
Sh*&^^t! Wish I could meet you there!! However, you are doing the right thing. Friends like you are real friends indeed! Hope everything goes well. And remember, the forum consists of real, caring people, so your presence here on the forum is much appreciated by all. More than your attendance at CF. Still.....we will miss you.....but you are only a keystroke away. Good luck and God Bless.
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