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Grabber Blue Mach 1

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Was Grabber Blue a stock color on a '69 Mach 1? Never seen one, and there's a beaut on our favorite auction site! http:// / /ws/ ? &item=1838601778
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OK, sorry I screwed up the link; darn UBBCode.... It's item number 1838601778.
I'm not 100% sure but I think it was not available untill 1970
I dont like that color on that year . . . my dad sold a '67 GT350 to a guy who, after he went to a great deal of trouble to restore it, painted it grabber blue. It looked HORRIBLE ! ! !

I am pretty sure the grabber colors werent available until '70.
70 was the first year for grabber blue.... :0)
Yeah, I've read that the color came out in '70, but I disagree with 70MachT5--I think that color looks EXCELLENT on that '69!!! Wish it were mine...
i know it was in the 69 line,look at all the grabber blue shelbys.i've seen 69's but for some reason don't care for them,but 70 grabber blue mach is my favorite it must be the rocker mldgs.
Grabber colors were new for '70. Maybe they were called something else in '69.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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