So I have been working on a big brake upgrade for those of us with Granada spindles (should also work with 70-73 disc brake spindles with an added bushing). I have been wanting a relatively straight forward brake upgrade, that minimizes the use of custom parts, and uses stock Ford brake bits in an effort to keep costs down. After many hours of 3D modeling, trial fitments, and testing, I have finally completed them and am posting them for sale!

For sale here is just the brackets (and metric bolts) to adapt 2011-2014 Mustang brake calipers, pads, and rotors to be used with Granada and 70-73 Mustang spindles. The only custom part is the bracket, all other bits needed are OEM parts and pieces that can be had at the local autoparts store or ordered online. This bracket will allow you to upgrade the paltry Granada front disc setup (that many of us "upgraded" to back in the day to get disc brakes) to a setup that uses dual piston calipers and 12.5" or 13.2" diameter rotors. There is a possibility to go for the 14" or even 15" diameter rotors and 4 or 6 pot calipers, but that is yet untested.

The details of what parts need to be ordered to complete the "kit" is attached. Also attached are wheel templates to test fit whether or not your wheels will clear the new setup.

The thread that goes through the entire development process is here... Big Brake Upgrade For Granada Spindles ... in case you want to get an idea of what all is involved, no need repeating it here.

Anyway, cost for a pair of brackets and (4) metric caliper bolts is $230 shipped anywhere in the USA. I will ship via USPS flat rate and I can accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle... or if you wanted to be old fashioned and mail me a check, that works too! I currently have 10 sets available for sale (for now) so please post here and/or PM me your info if you want a set.