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Had all day to work over the granada brakes after having them hot tanked last week. Cleaned everything up, painted them up including the "poor man's cadmium coating" on the calipers. I used a combo of silver, gold and clearcoat to achieve a cadmium effect of sorts. Then I assembled the spindles, dust shield, and rotors, and seated in the new wheel bearings and races. Honed out the caliper bore and replaced the old seals with new, then re-installed the pistons... in their respective bores. Everything went beautiful until....

.....until I went to mount the caliper block to the brake assy. It wouldn't fit, ie., the mounting bolts were 3/8 to 1/2" away from lining up. The best I could figure was that I got the dust shields installed, vice versa. The left one should have been on the right side to allow for the shield cutouts to clear the caliper. The dust shield kept interfering with the resting position of the caliper, so that the best I can figure. QUESTION 1: Can you put the dust shields on backwards???? I think so. Now I'll have to dissassemble the spindle and rotor and correct that.

QUESTION 2: With thick new pads, the piston fully retracted, why wont one of the calipers fit over the rotors? Needs about 1/16" wider space between the brake pads to fit. Is there an adjustment on the caliper to space the pad distance further for the rotor to fit between?? If so, what is the recommended clearances between pads and rotor?

Oh yeah, I also gooped on anti-squeek on the outside metal brackets for the pads, and there is already a plastic antisqueak pad. I was in a hurry and sortof doofused on that one I guess. The fun brake day seemed to go to he!! in a handbasket at the last hour. Such is life.

Thanks for the help, as always.
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