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Granada disk brake conversion in 65!

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I have put a 79 model Granada's disk brakes on my 65 Mustang. I have two problems:
1) The 14 inch steel wheels scrape the calipers. What year Mustang wheels will fit or do I have to go buy Granada wheels?
2) I have the tie rods adjusted almost to their limits(manual steering-65 inner tie rods/79 Granada outer tie rods) and I still have way too much toe in. Is there something I'm missing here.
Any help would be very much appreciated. Links would be nice, but anybody who actually successfully done this would be better.

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Take a look at this and see if it sheds any light...

If you want to save a few bucks on wheels, just have the calipers ground down where its hitting.

On my 66, I didn't have much room left with the tie rods, but I was able to get the toe set within spec. I wonder if the front of your car is straight?

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