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We'll, we installed the Grant wheel and hub setup last November when we got the car back together. The turn signal plastic assembly broke and caused a short.
After posting the situation of the forum and getting a new Ford repro turn signal switch from a local restoration shop. I decided to just bite the bulit and get a Lecarra wheel and hub.
I talked to Lecarra and found out that the hub we need Item 12404 won't be available for 2 months. Rats!!!
I want to spend the money but they won't let me.
Were going to get the Mark 2 wheel
so far, unless we see something we like more.
I guess I'll have to put my order in with Lecarra and wait.
Does anyone else out there know of a supplier who has the 12404 hub that the Mustang uses.
Or what other wheel do you guys and gals recommend.

PS untill then I guess we'll reassemble the steering colum without the horn working. I guess were lucky we don't live in New York City, Horns are mandatory *G*

PPS I sent an E-mail to Grant to find out if they have a better setup and to sort of chew them out a little. It will be interesting to see what the reply is.
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