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Went to a great car show today. Open show with all kinds of old cars. My poor old Mustang didn't win anything.....Oh well, next time.....But....
About all the small shows around here, they sell raffle tickets. At the end of the show, they draw a number for the winner. Ticket sales is open to all car owners, and cost $1.00 per ticket, or 7 for $5.00....Lots of tickets sold today, and.....I WON THE a 50/50 split with half going to the hosting club and other alf going to the winning ticket....MINE....$173.00.....Look out NPD.....New parts.....
Had the choice of the cash or a nice Ladies Wrist Watch.....Told them If my wife needed a watch, she should have bought a ticket...GIVE ME THE CASH.....
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