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Given the numerous horror stories regarding mechanics, I thought I would add a positive one. It is not Mustang related, since it was on my wife's car.

Two days before my wife and I were to leave the country for my brother's wedding, her Suburban wouldn't start. She called AAA for a jump start, but it still wouldn't start. My mother-in-law was coming to watch our children while we were gone for 10 days and would need the car. We didn't like any of the places we had previously taken the car, but the tow truck driver recommend another place.

This guy was great. He checked out the car and found several things wrong. He also determined that part of the problem would be covered by the original warranty (We bought the car used and didn't know that anything was still under the original warranty.) He had the car taken to a dealership for the warranty work, and completed the rest of the work before we had to leave. Then, to top it off, due to our trip expenditures we were short of cash. My wife asked if we could get the car by paying half then and leaving a check dated for the following week for the remainder. The guy agreed to take a post dated check for the entire amount.

You know we are going back here again.

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You've found a jewel! Send a note to the local newspaper praising this guy and his business. Don't mention that he accepts post-dated checks but definitely mention he went above and beyond the call of duty to accomodate your situation.
It's really great to hear the good stories like this!

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Here is a story for you....

My wifes Ford torus blew a head gasket over the winter so I took it to a repair shop to have it fixed. The shop called me up and told me there was a knocking noise and they would check it out to see what it was. I told them it wasnt knocking when I dropped it off so what did they do? The next day the shop asked me to come down so they could show me the problem. When I got there I had a busted wrist pin and piston skirt in one cylinder which caused the rod to bang up the inside of a cylinder. It did not have that problem when I dropped it off to them so I looked on top of the piston to see if they left a bolt in the cylinder or something....I didn't see any marks. After going over options the shop and I decided to send the block to a local machine shop to rebuild the 1 cylinder. The shop told me because they do not know what happened they would split the cost of the rebuild with me. I agreed. Still concerned about rebuilding just 1 cylinder vs the whole motor I called the machine shop to see if they was the correct route to go. The assured me that rebuilding 1 cylinder wasnt going to hurt anything because even though they were boring out the 1 cylinder larger the pison they would put in would be the same weight and volume. What the machine shop guy said at the end of the conversation made my mouth drop though. He said "Thats too bad to hear about that rag that got left in the cylinder." Busted! I kept my mouth shut and said yes it is. I didn't want to tell the repair shop I knew what happened until my car was 100% fixed so I didnt bother to call them. 2 days later the repair shop did call me and said they do not feel right about what happened so they decided to pick up all the cost of the repair. Even though they screwed up and lied about the problem I feel good about the solution. They could have bent me over and hammered me for more money. I guess if I was in the repair shops shoes I might do the same thing because if you told the truth the person getting service might demand a whole new engine which would cost alot more money; and they still lost money doing my job. Anyways I picked up the car and when I was leaving I said......You might want to whatch were you leave your Rags and left. 1 month later I traded the car in for a new car.

When they rebuilt the one cylinder they did replace all the rings, seals and gaskets in the motor
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