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Well, I got the new Vert seat box panel from NPD (didn`t like homemade ones PO put in) got it formed to fit and welded in. My little Mig was doing some of the best welding ever, not bad for a little cheapo model ;)
Got the new carpet in, kickpanels on and drivers seat in and bolted down. Still have to recover the pass. side seat :(
Went to MU and picked up a lot of the little stuff I need like gaskets and seals for the tail, parking and reverse lights. Pinch on windlace, bumper brackets...
Only problem I ran into was, when I looked at the parking lights I got (used) I decided to take the lenses out so SWMBO could polish the chrome. Well some PO decided to put the lens in without the gasket, and it was all rusty inside ::
Ah well, that little polisher thingy that came with my dremel tool finally came in handy, cleaned up pretty good :D

Sounds good... Just hafta' hate those POs...they make me POed... Found a lot more Rigged stuff last night at about 8 PM, hehe. Oh well, I'll rent an engine crane and get that out of there, then hopefully my neighbor will teach me how to rebuild my tranny since he's REALLY good at it.
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