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When searching through wrecking yards, you may spot a mustang part that is lying loose or miss labeled. For example one time, I SPOTTED this pristine mustang gas tank sitting on top of an oil drum, marked in yellow paint COMET.
How much for the tank? The reply was 10 dollars.
Bought it on the spot. No way was I going to tell him it fit a mustang.
So last week while trying to come up with some original 66 wipers and arms I ran across a real nice filler tube that last place I was at wanted 25 dollars for. This thing had 5 year of dirt on it,
So I walked out of there with 2 beautiful sets wipers and arms and a dirty pipe for 20 buck. Dont tell them its for a mustang if you can help it! I get the impression that some of these guys think the stuff is gold. One place wanted 400 for a 66 differential.
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