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I just came upon a Grenada which would appear to be a good candidate for a drum/disk brake swap project. My questions are three.
1. What are the exact years of the Grenada which can be used for donors?
2. What are the exact years of mustangs that Grenada systems will work on?
3. What all should I salvage from the Grenada? Please be precise.

As always thank you very much for the help.

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The best years are the 1978-1979 Granada's. You want to get the entire spindle, caliper, dust sheild, lines, pads, bolts, the outter tie-rod, etc. Take everything you can get in that area. It will work on 65-66 I know and possibly other years.

Keep in mind you will need to do some things when making the swap:
1. Mustang outer tie rods are the wrong diamater and will need to be swaped to the Granada ones. (Jim's Mustang and Camero sold a conversion kit for a while that had modified spindles that used the stock mustang tie road, but rumor has it they no longer sell the kit.

2. You may have to turn the snout on the rotor to fit behind your stock or Styled Steel wheels.

3. You will have to adapt the stock hard lines.

See this web link for more info and some parts:

Mustang Parts makes a great addiction.

check out the chassis page of my website for a buildup on how i did it on my 66 fastback

any questions feel free to e mail me

[email protected]

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You can use the spindles from a Granada or Monarch thru 1980. They were all the same until the fox chasis swap in '81. I know the Granada came out before '78 though. The '76 parts will work fine as well.


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