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Geez, Dickson. I don't know that I'd want a beer-swilling relation driving my old cars around. If anyone is gonna swill beer and drive my cars - it's gonna be me! LOL (Seriously - I am not advocating drinking and driving, kids - DON'T DO IT.)

Anyway, you say the pads are dragging? I'd be tempted to zero base this problem and not assume your uncle and his buddy are correct. What happens when you put the front end in the air and spin the wheels? Do they spin freely? Are these new calipers? If so, I'd give SSB a call and ask them what might cause the problem. Even if they aren't new, I might do this if you're getting constant dragging.

How about the master cylinder - is it the correct one for the brake system? I see alot of folks playing "Mix 'n Match" with brake components - and that worries me. Is there a proper prop valve installed?

Also curious about your rubbing problem. Is the front end properly aligned? What kinds of suspension mods have been made to the car - lower springs, Shelby mod?

I realize this sort of thing is frustrating, but remember what my wife is always telling me - "This is your hobby. It's supposed to be fun...". Makes sense when I lose perspective from time to time.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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