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GT-350 Quest

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Well, I've thrown down the gauntlet on the 1965 GT-350. I've parlayed an offer, which if acceptable will be proceeded by me going to Dallas and doing a final inspection. Anyone know any SAAC experts in DFW area that could accompany me on the inspection if it happens?

Let me know and wish me luck, hehe. This is either the smartest or stupidest thing I've ever done ;-)

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Gee, I was meaning to ask you how your trip to Dallas was......guess it was good. Did you make it over to DMP?

So give us some details on the car? What will happen to the fastback:)

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A very smart move I have had mine close to 30yrs now.It was my only transportation for almost 10 yrs.
You will love it They are harsh, noisy and ill tempered. I absolutely love driving it.
I bought mine for $1050.00 because it needed calipers and an exhaust system. I'll go out on a limb here and say you will most likely be paying a bit more than that.

Good Luck, Hope it turns out well

Greg B
honest to god bob, if I could get away from my work, I would fly out there and meet you to inspect this gem, but you know how life is, work comes first. Of course, another option for you is to take your laptop and digital camera, take many pics, upload to the VMF site and let EVERYONE see and comment on what is good (or possibly bad heaven forbid). That way, you have LOTS of experts instead of just one....

Good Luck buddy!!!

Not a bad idea, a lot of ppl here have eagle eyes at spotting stuff!

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The car has been in a magazine article or two. Apparently, at some point in it's past it ended up with an incorrect hood, no big deal there and easy to rectify. It's an early one, low 200's. Battery is in the trunk. All the parts are there and it's the original motor and all. Has not been kept to concours standards and needs some detailing. It's been a southern car it's whole life.

I think the idea of putting up digital pics is a great one. Assuming I make it to the next step here, I'll do that for sure. Keep your fingers crossed. Should find out something Monday.

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