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Don’t use an exhaust manifold gasket. You are just asking for trouble by using one.

no gasket = no chance of a gasket blowout.

all you need to do is take the manifolds to a quality machine shop and have them “true the mating surface where the manifold bolts to the head. They won’t have to remove a significant amount of material, The heads are usually very flat without needing any attention. But it doesn’t hurt to check them with a machinist straight edge.

Once you bolt up the manifold straight to the head you will have a minute or two of microscopic leakage that is soon plugged up with carbon. Re-torque the manifolds after they have cooled down and you are good to go for years.

I built my last ‘66 Galaxie 500 XL that way and it never gave a hint of leakage.

Just like factory.

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