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Ok,so I didn't get to drive it, but the ride was incredible!

I took pictures with a crappy disposable camera and will post (with help, any volunteers?) if they came out (the #^$#^^ flash wouldn't work) upon return to Indiana.

The owners name is Bob Wood, and his wife is Joanne(unblieveable SWMBO, who is supportive and a financial planner). They remind me of folks who should be on VMF, but they don't own a mustang! He loves the old racers and has owned this GT-40 since '91. He ordered it in '89 from (insert name here) who built/designed the original. He also owns the name/designs/plans. He bought that separately for 15,000 pounds (these are british pounds, but my PC doesn't have a symbol that I know of).

It is a Mark V, production number 1136. My friend thought that it had raced and won races, but it is a "street model".

He drove it (even though it was sprinklling) and I can tell you that it was beyond a doubt the fastest, most exciting ride that most of us will ever experience. I rode along.

Ford didn't realize that they didn't have the rights to the name "GT-40" until Revell (the model maker) contacted them a few years ago about a model of the original, they wanted to produce. Ford contacted him and he licensed the model. Then, they contacted him about the name again for a car and he licensed the name for two prototypes, a yellow one and a white one that are being hyped at all the car shows.

Just be aware that for all the noise you hear about the Gt-40, if Bob (not the VMF Bob unfortunatelyl) doesn't grant the license the new GT-40 will not happen.

Words can't describe what it was like to spin around Terrace Park, Ohio (just outside Cincinnati) in this beast.

Bob has invited me back "anytime", but I certainly don't want to impose. At least I hope to get to return on a sunny day to get photos outside that will do justice to the craft.
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