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GT or not GT, that is the question

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Hello to everyone! I'm new here but this site is great! Anyway-I have the chance to buy a 68 Fastback that the current owner says is a GT, but it is a 390/C6 car originally. Is this possible? I thought all auto GT's were GTA's. He is asking GT price and it is all apart right now. Thanks in advance.
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GTA's were only 1967.

The only sure fire way to prove the car is a factory GT is to contact KEvin Marti at Marti Autoworks and have him run a check on Ford's database.
1967--GT manual tranny, GTA--Automatic. In 1968 they dropped the GTA and just called them GT's.
I am not a car professional, but I do believe there are things on the car that will also tell you. Granted they may have been installed aftermarket, but if they are not there then you know, one of those I believe is disc brakes. I believe all GT's came with factory Disc brakes on the front, you could check that out. Also, I believe the large sway bars came on the GT's, I can't remember the size but I think it is either 7/8" or 1" sway bars on GT's. But again, you may want to ask someone more knowledgeable, I could be mistaken. I am sure there are other things that came standard on GT's that did not on other models. Good Luck, Kalin
1968 GT:

• Heavy Duty Suspension Stiffer front and rear springs Larger front and rear shock absorbers
• Larger diameter front stabilizer
• Dual exhausts with chrome "quad" outlets (Hi-Po 289 and 390-4V)
• GT "C" stripes
• GT pop-open gas cap
• GT fender badges
• F70-14 wide oval WSW tires
• Slotted and painted 14-inch Styled Steel wheels with GT hubcaps and trim rings
• Optional for these engines: All V8s except the 289-2V

NOTE: Chromed Styled Steel wheels optional, still with GT hub caps. The 390-4V has the chrome engine dress up kit.
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In 1968 disc brakes were optional on 302 cars.

As stated earlier the only sure way is to have Ford's information confirm the car was a GT
How is the condition of the car? Is the price warranted based upon condition without being a GT? Is the engine code "S" in the serial number? Does the door plate match an auto? Is the rear diff code a limited slip? etcettera. Are just looking to buy a GT?

If the car is priced as a GT, has the seller got some kind of proof that it is a real GT?
There are a couple of corrections for that list:
1/ In 1968 there was no 289 hipo so no hipo GT's.
2/ The 302-4v GT got the chrome quad exhaust tips
3/ The C stripe was standard but the earlier 67 style stripe could be substituted.
4/ The GT also came with fog lights.
You may also want to check out the '68 GT registry web site.
Thanks for all the responses. The car does not have its original engine, but he has what he claims is a 67 Police Interceptor Engine out of a Galaxie. Like I said, it is completely apart and a non original engine, $2800 seems just a tad high, but then again, I've been away from Mustangs for about 8 years and been messin' with Fairlanes.
IMO if the car is in descent shape, correct engine or not, apart or not, $2800 seams a good price, especialy if it's a true GT.
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