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Guess how long this JB Weld fix will last!

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On a trip to the beach this weekend, a little hole about the diameter of the tip of a golf tee (I know because I tried to plug it with one) developed in the heater hose tube on my F150. (For those who aren't familiar, the hose attaches to a tube that then winds about 8-10 inches down to the block on my 300 I6. The tube is tapered where the hose connects. The hole is barely accessible with one fingertip.) My engine compartment is now a nice shade of brown. Anyway, for a quick fix, I smeared some JB Weld on the hole. The next day, the hole blew through the JB Weld. So I smeared another layer on it. So far, two days and about 150 miles later, no problem. How long will it last? The winner gets the JB Weld residue mailed to him. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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You can fix the crack of dawn with JB Weld.../forums/images/icons/wink.gif Great stuff!
Its not wether the JB Weld will hold but how long before another rust hole appears. This will be like body cancer, it will rust around the patch....
I haven't had alot of luck with JB Weld - kinda like your first try when it only lasted a day.

I say 53.7 more miles.

Good luck.
Until the fat lady sings; then you can patch her up.
I cousin scraped a hole in his oil pan (Non-Mustang) and he decided to use JB Weld to fix it so that he could get back on the road fast. That was almost a year ago and it still is holding up. I bet it will last a long time!
I give it another 78 miles. JB Weld is great for things that don't see stress or pressure , not too good or those that do (like a heater hose tube). Personally, I'm suprised it's lasted 150 miles /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.
I'm going to say untill you really need the truck and your on your way to something really important. The possibility of destroying your engine aint worth it. I put a patch on my lightnings oil pan and fixed it that week end. I got fed up constantly checking it.
whoooo i give it 11.8 more miles, after i get the JB smear, i'll send you some new heater hose /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

works great on a leakin' gastank though /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Just make sure you wrap the fix with duct tape, that will make it last a LOT longer.....
I give the PU Smeld about another 43.7 miles before it blows! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif Dickson
Epoxy typically looses strength with heat. If it is near the exhaust, look out.

I had to JB Weld the oil sensing extention into a previous motor because the block cracked. (Newly bored & prepped block, boy was I p.o.'d) It held fine.
if you wrap the jb with duct tape and put tie wraps around that your grandkids
will still be driving it.
You need to send this post to Paul Harvey. You could wind up a star of the radio! How come when Paul talks about things I know nothing about he is brillent. When he talks about things I'm knowledgible about he sounds like an idiot?
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