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Guess what cars pulled into my work a while ago! O/T

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It's almost 4 o'clock, and I'm getting ready to leave, and I notice that a big orange car in the parking lot. I move to a better place to see it from and guess what it is? A Superbird! And you know what's parked right next to it? A GTX convertible. So I hurry up and get off, and go check them both out. The GTX's license plate was "426 X". Man, it was pretty nice. And the Superbird was loaded with trophies on the inside. And a big Road Runner stuffed animal. :) My guess is that they came to eat from the car show a few towns over at a community college. It was nice to see them both like that (first time seeing either one of those cars in real life), I just wish I had driven my Mustang to work rather than my Spectra. ::

And, I was so busy going to see them, I didn't even think of going back in and talking to the people who drove them both there in the first place.

I know it's not Ford, but you have to admit, those are some kick-butt cars.
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