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Gunna sell the 69 Vert, advice needed

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No really. I swear. I am going to do it this time. Okay, I am 95% sure.

Anyway, I was looking for some advice on how to get the best price for her. What kinds of things are worth fixing? What are good venues for selling? Any helpful experience you can pass on?

You can read the good things about her in my sig line. Here are the bad things:

* Typical minor rust at bottoms of doors and rear quarters, nothing too bad, just there
* Glue in windows have come unglued (I will likely fix this since it is mostly elbow grease and not so much dinero)
* Cracked dash
* Missing radio (courtesy of neighborhood thugs)
* Rear window separated on top, top otherwise in good condition
* Need many new pieces of weatherstripping (but hey, who drives a convertible in the rain, well except for an idiot who moves to Seattle with it)
* Power steering leaking at the pump (stupid current owner tightens things like a gorilla, I know better now and won't f it up again)

So what do you all think? Like I said, I have made up my mind to do it, now I just have to figure out the how. Thanks in advance.
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My first advice is don't sell it.

BUT ... if you must.

I'd glue the windows back in, because as you said, it's just elbow grease and no out of pocket cash, except for the couple $ for some JB Weld.

After that, I'd clean it very good inside and out, and sell it as is. Fixing any of those other things will not increase the value as much as the parts will cost, especially the dash pad.

I think if I were selling one of my stangs, I'd put a reserve auction on our favorite auction site and see what it brings over my reserve. Mustangs on that site seem to sell for about twice what their worth /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.
Sounds like a normal unrestored or partially restored car to me.

Only thing I'd fix is the fluid leak if it's messy. If there are other things which can be fixed for little or no money and a small expenditure of time, then I'd do those as well..especially if they're noticeable to the average buyer..

I would imagine 6-9K, depending on observed condition and performance (you only mentioned a very tiny part of what I'd check), would be a fair assessment of value...if the paint and engine are newer, maybe another 15%.

Word of mouth, being seen at show n shines and car shows, local newspaper....all inexpensive and what I would try first. Then move on to wider venues like the VMF classifieds, and other mediums of advertising..

Lastly, curb appeal will sell the car, especially to a non-hobbyist....spare no effort in having the car clean and in a good state of tune..

Good luck!
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I agree with the elbow grease repairs, but you might want to consider one of the $65 dash covers if the cracks are noticeable. If they aren't, then I'd leave it alone.

I agree with Pat on the price range. I paid in the high end of that range for mine, but I'm in New England where they aren't so plentiful. Like yours, my car has a 351but it was freshly rebuilt. So you should be able to get around $8K for yours, based on the description and how badly the dash is cracked (it's a very visible thing so it will have a disproportionate effect on prospective buyers).
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