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H-Pipe crosses where? '65 convertible

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Last night I started figuring out how to get my exhaust out of the engine bay and under the car. I've got reducers which bolt onto the longtube headers. I bought an H-Pipe kit some time ago that consists of two T shaped pipes and a crossover. My question is, where should the crossover be related to the C4 transmission?



p.s. I mean front to back. Obviously it goes underneath the transmission /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

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the crossover is usually near the tailshaft of the transmission

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I concur with Mr. turner. My H-pipe is under the tailshaft of the transmission, just aft of the crossmember.

Get that motor running yet?

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isn't there a right and a wrong way to install your crossover tube? i've been told that to do this correctly, you have to get yourself a grease pen or crayon. draw a line after the collector. run your car hard around the block. note where the discoloring or burning mark is and that should be where your h-pipe should be installed.

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Hey Phil.... you gonna run them through the support or underneath ?

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Through I guess. That's where they are now. I cut the exhaust last night just in front of the convertible floor brace. If I can get it to the H-pipe, that'll have to do until I can drive it to the muffler shop.

And to answer Steve's question. "No" I've got to line up some help to get the engine back in. It doesn't look like a one man job to me.


'65 Convertible (with many mods.)
When you get it back from the Muffler shot get some pics up please. I'm going to be taking mine to a shop in the near future to have some nice header to muffler pipes made with an H crossover. I'm ditching my X-Pipe setup, it's leaking all over the place and was a VERY difficult fit on the 'vert.

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