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Hagerty “Drive your car”

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There have been discussions on what is covered with your classic car insurance. It’s been stated that if it’s not in writing you can’t necessarily believe that it’s true. So I just renewed my Hagerty insurance. And this statement was included in the paperwork I received.

So I guess drive your car for the fun of it!

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ALL of the Classic companies are a rip off. They all have too many restrictions and all to frequently try to weasel out of paying anytime they can. I remember when they told me I couldn't drive my car to synagogue on consecutive Shabbats. You know, because the car would be unattended when I was inside. Nevermind that we have armed attendants......

I am REALLY wishing SOMEBODY ( anybody ! ) would start a company and offer insurance for classics that are actually DRIVEN ! I'm retired, If the weather is nice, I could drive everyday. Like , to the bank to cash my Social Security. To the parts store, to another VMF'ers house. But NO, we couldn't have that, now could we !

I am disgusted with ALL of them. LSG
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AZ, if you aren't seeing stories of claims denied, coverage not offered, you aren't looking very hard. They're everywhere. Back more than 10 yrs ago, when I was still shopping for 'classic' insurance, I had a list of 20 questions that I asked the folks at UNDERWRITING, what you agent tells you is actually meaningless. Its the folks in the underwriting dept, which in Hagerty's case usually means Essentia, because Hagerty is merely a shill, that make the choice of whats offered. And the classic companies only offered exceptionally restrictive policies, and wanted top dollar for them to boot. I can't understand why anyone would bother. Not a good value at all. LSG
AZ, umm,...yeah, read some of our insurance threads here. We had a VMF ember who was out for a ride in his Stang, just for fun. As he was out, his Mrs called him and asked him to stop at the hardware store and get washers to fix a leaky faucet. He stopped and the hrdwr store, and someone hit his car in the lot. The company was fighting him because going to the hardware store is 'running erands' There was a couple with Hagerty who went out for dinner, and they were hit, hard, and the husband was killed. They had previously stopped before dinner at the ATM to get cash. Hagerty was fighting the widow, because they had stopped at the ATM, and going to the bank is 'running errands', therefore canceling the coverage for the trip. Thats the mentality. Classic insurance is a ripoff, IMO. Now, to be fair, I live in Michigan, and our insurance situation is among the worst. Perhaps they're just mad at me, personally. My record is clean, has been for years. Married, kids grown and out of the house. Have plenty of other cars if bad weather or going to bad locations. I think the classic insurance deal is just an enormous cash cow for them. And the problem is compounded by agents who don't always understand whats offered, or whats needed. LSG
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