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Wow I cant believe its been 7 long years since the stang has been roadworthy and driveable, but I'm finally going to be able to drive it soon. Spoke to the Engine Builder today and he told me the Motor is ready, I will be picking it up tommorow. Basically just a stock rebuild .030 over, upgraded cam to a crane hydraulic blueprinted series for 289 4v, and a set of gold series aluminum roller rockers, and pretty much all new everything... I still cant believe that after all of this time and money Im actually going to get to drive it. I still have to put all of the suspension back in and then finish detailing a few things but I just might have it running in a couple of weeks. SWMBO Thinks im nutz, she just dosent understand the LOVE FOR OUR STANGS, she just looks at me and shakes her head, maybe when she sees it running and gets to ride or drive it, she'll understand...I just fell so good I had to tell everyone. Thanks to all who have helped along the way, It may not be completed yet but i'm almost there.....


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Congrads....Even if your wife doesn't understand, we do....
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