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Vrrrrooom! My car finally started Sunday. I must have turned it on and off 100 times as I still can't get over how strong she is running and how quickly it starts up. I was having problems getting her started after a new MSD distributor, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock carb, and fuel pump installation. After posting several posts on the issue, I knew my timing was lost and thanks to many of you VMFers I was able to fire her up. I learned so much from this experience I thought I'd share a couple key highlights: I learned how to find TDC with the old thumb over the hole trick! I also found that timing marks have a tendancy to hide under years of paint. For now I'm just going to enjoy her this summer before I decide to tackle on the disc brake conversion. Thanks again!!
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Congratulation!!/forums/images/icons/smile.gif /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Now go drive it!! (after your brakes are installed)/forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Here is a good resource for conversion parts list and prices (Courtesy of MustangSteve). Good luck.
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