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I guess today it went from classic to where did the time go.

brief history
i got word of a 70 M1 H code FMX in 1986 from a connection though a dealer friend who had a dealer friend in Southern Cal.
it was sitting in his lot for quite sometime and he was looking to move it.
we went back forth and i was assured the car was clean.

my buddy put a no obligation binder on it for me to get him to hold it and put it on a truck. Then I had to wait for them to get a complete shipment of cars to be sent out east.
It eventually landed in his lot in PA in Nov 1987 and i drove out to take a look at it. grabbed it for $1700. I put it on a flatbed and dragged it home to Brooklyn. It burned oil but ran.
i just didnt trust it to go 200 miles

I though it was old them. once i got it home I remember opening dash apart looking for bad wires.
then chucking the original purple dab shocks, Fomoco radiator, autolite carb,dizzy PS pump all just because i thought it was old. (everything worked fine) hey I was 23 what did i know.
Once i realized what I did it was mid 90s, and i spent the next decade buying back the correct parts less the shocks and radiator

by the late 80s the motor ended needing too much work. i still had my dads original 71 H code in storage with a freshly rebuilt FMX still attached. we dropped that in 1989

about 5 years ago i finally had the $$$ to get it painted, The sheetmetal is original less the pass side fender. The interior I did myself


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