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Happy Father's Day to VMF dads one and all! The kids probably want to get out and do some hiking today. We went to the Renaissance Faire here a few weeks ago and one of the things my son (13) liked very much was a Didjeridu, that big tubular instrument the Australian aboriginies play. He plays trumpet in the school band and immediately started jamming on the Didjeridu like a native! So we will go out hunting for a desert candlestick (local yucca) which grows a long tubular stalk, and make our own Digeridu.

Also, I went back and looked and my first post was on June 14, 2001 so a milestone for me as well /forums/images/icons/smile.gif It's been a great year and I look forward to the upcoming years here on VMF!

AND I have posted a new web page with before/after pictures of the SVO - so go have a look!
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